3D Design Studio

Arkitup specializes in 3D design for interior designers, manufacturing and architects. We provide high-quality renders at a competitive price.

You can send us your blueprints/2D plans, and we’ll give you a quote soon.


3D Design Doesn't Have to Be Expensive or Complicated! It Should Be Smart & User-Friendly.

Arkitup is committed to making 3D Design more accessible.

3D Rendering can be expensive since it takes long development hours and requires high-level hardware. 

This said, it should not limit people’s dreams when designing products.


Our Portfolio

Arkitup has worked on projects across Canada and Colombia. These renders include:

Modeling dreams

Why Choose Us

Quick Development

Depending on the size of your render. Normal size projects take at most 1 week to render.

Up to 8K Video Quality

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Up to 30% Lower Pricing

We want to make rendering accessible to more companies.

Budget Estimation

Our renders can estimate the quantities of materials needed for your projects.

Construction Support

We have various resources that help customers build their construction project.

Free Consultation

Our team is at your disposition to find the solution that properly fits your needs.